The No-B.S. Solution to German Shepherd Upset

The No-B.S. Solution to German Shepherd Upset

Emma Knox

     Let’s be frank. You don’t have a German Shepherd because you want a cuddler. You didn’t think about dog breeds and say, Hey, what’s a better lap dog than a German Shepherd? No, you got him because you’re a no-nonsense, cut-the-B.S. kind of person. You wanted a strong, athletic dog that would listen to you, love you, and protect you to the bitter end. You wanted a brawny, loyal, handsome friend. So you got a German Shepherd.

     But as great as they are, German Shepherds aren’t immune to imperfections. Their biggest obstacle in perception is aggression. It’s in the Shepherd’s nature to be aggressive… which is why they’re a go-to breed for police forces, but also why they often get euthanized. I’m sure you’ve had someone come by your house and be put off by your dog. And I’m sure there have been times you’ve been nervous about your dog “going off” on someone or something. It’s nerve-racking, never knowing if a switch will suddenly flip in their lizard brain. But you can save yourself that stress and save your Shepherd the future upset… by giving them CBD.

     More yet, maybe your German Shepherd gets anxious when storms roll in; maybe their skin and fur aren’t looking quite right; maybe their temperament could use some calming; maybe they’re in pain and you don’t want them to be. Their maladies are your maladies and by helping their problems, you’re helping yourself. How can you focus on work when you know your dog’s not there there at home? How can you run with them in the yard when you can hear their body wearing? You struggle. Because they struggle.

     And there are mock-solutions, like doggy storm vests and medications and (the classic) distractions, but they either A.) don’t work, B.) harm your Shepherd, or C.) make things worse… and even if they don’t do any of the above, they definitely D.) aren’t meant for the long-term. CBD, however, doesn’t have any of the same problems. If you want your German Shepherd to stay in the best condition, able to run and listen and guard the front gate, then you want CBD. For your dog, CBD can:

  1. Ease (storm/noise) anxiety
  2. Keep coat sleek
  3. Calm their temperament just enough
  4. Reduce unnecessary aggression and agitation
  5. Relieve pain (since CBD is an anti-inflammatory)

     Plus, if you’ve tried to give your dog medication, you know the difficulties, especially with a breed as intelligent as a Shepherd… Pills in their food bowl don’t do the trick. Maybe your kids will fall for it, but not your dogs– no, they’re too sharp. But CBD for your pet is in oil form, sometimes even flavored, so you can easily mix it into your dog’s food and they’ll never notice! A delicious dinner with all the nutrients they need. And guess what else: CBD is all natural. There aren’t mysterious chemicals or add-ins with 19 letters: it’s all naturally derived from a plant. When you think about it like that, you’re kinda feeding your German Shepherd a vegetable with their meal. (You’re welcome.)

     German Shepherds are very intense dogs, occasionally overcome by energy or aggression or wild alertness… and you like that they’re intense. You have one because you love that about them. But sometimes, you can’t handle it, you’re worried, you’re stressed, you want them to feel better or relax or back off. And those tough times are made for CBD. It won’t change your dog’s intense love, loyalty, and strength- it’ll just make things a little better for them and for you. Check out NobleCanni’s pet products page. Get the CBD. Cut the B.S.

Emma Knox
Emma Knox

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