The Answer to Your PTSD Anxiety

The Answer to Your PTSD Anxiety

Emma Knox

     You never considered yourself a stressed person. Obama was stressed; your momma was stressed; the people working for Tech Support were stressed; but never you. Or maybe you were… but nothing like now. Now, your life is a series of stresses, a slew of anxious episodes and meltdowns. It feels endless. In a way (no offense to your momma), what you have is worse than them: your stress and anxiety is caused by a disorder. Your stress and anxiety is caused by PTSD, not finances or foreign policy or raging aunties with broken laptops. Those things, at least, have clear solutions. Go to a search bar and you can find answers to their problems… but not yours. Not the Hippopotamus, as Sarah Boynton said. You don’t have an answer. You only have half-assed suggestions.

     Every day is a struggle for you. And everyday bumps, little things that you could look past before, now send you reeling. Your friends and family probably recommend a psychologist and/or psychiatrist, say to talk to somebody and get some help and take some medications. But it’s hard for you. How can you tell someone else about things you can hardly tell yourself? It hurts like Hell. So yes, therapy is great… if you’re interested and ready. Some people never warm up to therapy, not to mention a therapist, and if you’re one of those people, where does that leave you? Back in the dirt.

     You can’t cook yourself a meal without stressing out. You can’t drive to work, from work, and definitely not on the highway at rush hour. You’ve gotten used to hiding in public bathrooms while you try to calm yourself down. Panic attacks. Stress pain. Anxiety is a bitch. And you’re starting to smell like toilets. It’s wearing on you.

     Stress is one of the top killers in the United States alone. It causes physical pain, emotional pain, and mental pain. It hinders, limits, affects every aspect of your life in ways you never knew it could. And suddenly, post-your-trauma, THERE IT IS. It’s sunk its teeth into your ass and won’t let go. It won’t even let you sit down. A bitch indeed.

     Anti-anxiety medications are taken by 40 percent of people in the United States (although this statistic was taken during 2020, an anxiety-striking time in itself) and damn if they help half that amount. Medications are small solutions to big problems- they have endless side effects, can damage your health long-term, and often don’t work at all. You can try anti-anxiety prescriptions, but you’re hardly helping yourself. You’re joining a less-than-effective statistic. You’ll regret it later.

     What you need is CBD. It’s known best for its ability to relieve anxiety and stress, calming people without debilitating them. Instead of being a jumping bean, and instead of being a vegetable, you can be you with CBD. It relaxes you, helps your body produce and process serotonin, and leads your internal systems back to homeostasis (stability). And it’s natural! You’re not swallowing an oval filled with mysterious ingredients and chemicals… you’re taking a naturally-derived product made from a plant, grown from the ground. You may as well be eating fruit. Yeah, that’s it: CBD, for you, is a strawberry that reduces your anxiety. How can you turn down an anxiety-and-stress-reducing strawberry? You can’t. Take the stuff. Buy CBD now and save yourself from panic attacks in bathrooms and meltdowns on your kitchen floor. NobleCanni is here to get you up and out. Everyone, especially you, will thank you. Go.

Emma Knox
Emma Knox

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