The Answer to Relationship Doldrums

The Answer to Relationship Doldrums

Emma Knox

     When you’re in a healthy, happy relationship, everything is brighter: you’re less stressed, more confident, and it helps you sleep, heal, and even live longer. But unless your relationship is perfect in every shape and form (which I guarantee it isn’t), these perks (and many others) don’t greatly affect every day. Your partner may come home from work in a huff, desperately needing alone time, and leave you feeling a little insecure. Maybe you’ve been with your partner for a long time and you’re losing the spark. Maybe you two are having trouble in the bedroom. There are many scenarios where an otherwise beautiful relationship is strained or elsewise less-than-perfect, and they can all be benefitted by CBD. How?

  1. CBD can help your body and mind maintain homeostasis (balance).

               Which means: You may have more energy, a clearer mind, a calmer and better mood, and a more open mind and heart.

                           Which means: You’ll be in a better headspace and state to be with your partner, talk with them, listen to them, deeply enjoy their company, and let them enjoy yours.

2. CBD can help you feel calm, relaxed, and refreshed.

               Which means: You can refuel, destress, release all your built-up tension and aggravation, and get some peace, some self-care time.

                           Which means: You’ll have more to give your partner, you won’t take frustrations out on them, there won’t be any tension pressing between you two, and you can better connect.

3. CBD can ease anxiety and depression.

               Which means: You can have improved mental health, reduced worry and insecurity, increased libido, and an overall better outlook.

                           Which means: You’ll have more to give your partner, you’ll better receive your partner, your communication will improve, your sex life will improve, and your relationship will be on even footing.

4. CBD can help relieve pain.

               Which means: You can have reduced physical pain.

                           Which means: You and your partner will be able to go on more physical outings and events, and your sex life won’t be hindered by any pain.

5. CBD can be used in various fun ways recreationally.

               Which means: You’ll have more reasons to spend time with your partner, more things to do together (like taking a bath together with a CBD bath bomb, massaging each other with CBD oil/lotion, cook and bake with CBD, etc).

                           Which means: You and your partner will spend more time together, doing new and fun activities, and will feel more connected to each other.

     … So clearly, CBD is a big positive in the relationship field. And since we at NobleCanni want your love to be the best it can be, we urge you to read on and look further into our products. If you’re in a relationship now, or plan to be in one sometime in the future, CBD is the best possible way to smooth out anything aggravating the connection between you and your partner. It attacks everything it needs to, and everything you want (and your partner wants), and leaves you a better person, your partner a better person, and you both a better couple. C.B.D.: Couples Beat Dilemmas.

Emma Knox
Emma Knox

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