The Answer to Improving Your Life with Alzheimer’s

The Answer to Improving Your Life with Alzheimer’s

Emma Knox

     I can’t begin to imagine your life. Let alone put myself in your shoes. You’re looking down a dark, bottomless barrel… where the farther you go, the more lost you get. And you’ll never consciously reach an end. But damn if that barrel doesn’t have to be so dark. There isn’t a solution to Alzheimer’s, there isn’t a cure, but there’s something that can make your life a little bit lighter. There’s CBD.

      After your diagnosis, you’ll likely experience every symptom of Alzheimer’s… and while some aren’t preventable, or even able to be significantly helped–your memory is what it is–some are. CBD is known primarily for its ability to relieve pain and reduce anxiety, but there’s more to it. It’s a pain reliever, yes, and an anti-anxiety of sorts, but it also reduces depression, improves your sleep, lessens your agitation and aggression (an unfortunate symptom of Alzheimer’s), helps stabilize mood swings, and consequently, betters the life of not only you, but everyone around you. You can’t kill the illness, but you can weaken some of its ugly side effects… which is a far greater (honest) offer than you’ll get anywhere else.

     You’re in extraordinary pain. Or you have been, or will be, at some time or another. It makes your walk to the living room excruciating. It makes your breakfast go down wrong. It makes your day sick.

     You’re anxious, and depressed, and agitated with everyone, and you don’t know what to do with yourself. People don’t want to be around you, even the people who love you most, and you find yourself not wanting to be around them either. But then, you’re miserable when you’re alone too.

     You can’t sleep. You’re tired all the time and in a nasty mood and don’t have the patience for the day. You stay in bed, trying to sleep, but failing, and stare at the ceiling in frustration.

     You find your moods shifting rapid-fire and without reason- you’re confusing, sometimes scaring, those around you. You’re confusing and scaring yourself. But you can’t stop and you have no control over your own feelings. You’re trapped inside yourself, watching your mood swings with no way of stopping them.

     But all this can be helped. You can have some control over your own life again, over your body and your mind and your soul, by taking CBD. It’ll help stabilize you, return the remote control of your life back to you. You don’t have to lie in wait for your symptoms to throw you around. You can tackle them, threaten them, weaken them every day. We at NobleCanni will help you fight. CBD will give you a portion of your humanity back. Take it.

Emma Knox
Emma Knox

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