The 3 As of Alzheimer’s– and How CBD Can Help

The 3 As of Alzheimer’s– and How CBD Can Help

Emma Knox

     People afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease typically experience the three As at some point:

  1. Agitation
  2. Anxiety
  3. Aggression

     They’re terrible to feel, terrible to watch, and in many cases, are key reasons people aren’t able to care for them any longer. When my stepmom’s late husband developed early-onset Alzheimer’s, she did all she could to keep him home with her and their sons. She tried to ease his anxiety, calm his agitation, and dodge his aggression– but eventually, she couldn’t anymore. If she could’ve kept her husband home for one more Christmas, or kept his mood swings at bay when her boys were around, she would’ve. If she’d heard of a product with even a chance of helping her husband’s Three As, she would’ve bought it in crates. But she didn’t, because there wasn’t. Now, there’s CBD. Now, you can buy it in crates.

     Roughly 90 percent–90 goddamn percent–of people with Alzheimer’s feel agitated, anxious, and aggressive. That means, of the ten men with Alzheimer’s, nine have unintentionally beat on their wife and hated themselves for it later. Of the ten people with Alzheimer’s, nine have felt (or still feel) anxious when they step in Walmart. Almost everyone with the disease struggles with the Three As, but almost none of their caregivers know how to really help. Almost nobody knows what to do- after all, Alzheimer’s is a tricky, horrible disease with tricky, horrible symptoms. But we do.

     But the Three As are about more than just the feelings themselves- they’re also about the effects of those feelings. Agitation, anxiety, and aggression impair people’s day-to-day life, prolong hospitalization, and directly correlate with higher mortality rates, not to mention they badly affect anyone nearby. They’re snowballs rolling down a hill, starting bad, but finishing abysmal. With CBD, the snowballs move much slower… and they can stay off the bottom.

     Here’s the magic of CBD: it relaxes you. In every way. People with Alzheimer’s have trouble relaxing, because they’re too busy worrying and dwelling and aggravating their aggravation– but when you take CBD, you feel calm settling over you like a quilt. Your anxiety fades, your agitation fades, and your aggression fades, and you’re warmed by a quilt of calm. Buy CBD and help yourself. Help your family, your caregivers, your friends. Help everyone in your life, including yourself, by lessening your Three As.

     Don’t let yourself be that guy. Don’t let yourself hurt. Try CBD. Try NobleCanni.

Emma Knox
Emma Knox

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