Take CBD to Belize! Thailand! France!

Take CBD to Belize! Thailand! France!

Emma Knox

     I’ve yet to meet someone uninterested in travel. People may give different destinations, whether it’s New Zealand or Japan or Belize, but they never fail to have one in mind. Because travelling… Travelling seems to be one of those universal dreams, something we all share. 

     But here’s the trick with travelling: it’s a strain. Depending on where you go and what you’re doing, it can be a strain on your wallet, your body, your composure, and your family (or whoever is with you). What’s more, depending on the person and the trip, travelling can be a colossal stressor. Maybe a road trip across your home country wouldn’t be so bad, but backpacking across countries you’ve never been to? I know I’d have a hard time keeping chill.

     Most people self-medicate. But try carrying a 25-ounce glass vodka bottle across the Scottish Highlands, or even lugging it around in your backpack for a couple miles… You’ll get sick of it pretty damn quickly. Try taking cannabis with you, or another recreational drug, and see how well your visiting country reacts. Maybe Russian jails aren’t as bad as they seem.

     CBD is the best catch-all for when you travel. It’s easy to transport, for one–a typical bottle of CBD oil weighs roughly 1/20th of a pound–and provides a lot of bang for its buck–a typical bottle of CBD oil provides 30 servings, giving you a month’s worth of benefits. So you take it with you, keep the small bottle in that small pocket of your bag, and can take it out at any time to slip some drops under your tongue and keep on. Easy, quick, and convenient. What’s more, it’s legal in most of Europe, Africa, Australia, Central and South America, North America, and some of Asia, so you’re free to bring it almost anywhere on your travels!

     The biggest trouble, the answer to most people’s what’s stopping you, in travel is cost. There’re the transportation expenses, first off, and then the cost of hotels (etc), food, museums, the works. Not only is all this terribly stressful, but it also causes pressure on budgets and wallets. What’s good about CBD: it relaxes you, and betters your travel days, without taking too much money from your pocket.

     Travelling is usually jam-packed with activities, often physical, that take a toll on your body. You walk the Wall of China, hike Kilimanjaro, spend every day on your feet in the streets of Rome and Amsterdam and Paris. It’s exhausting and can cause terrible pain that will, undoubtedly, put a damper on your trip. But it doesn’t have to- CBD can relieve your pain and boost your energy before it affects your fun. CBD can improve your fun, even!

     If you travel, CBD is the answer. It can reduce your anxiety, your stress, your pain, and it can improve your capacity to have fun, relax, enjoy everything the world has to offer. And you can take it nearly anywhere! It’s easy and light and inexpensive! It’ll save you grief, time, and a lot of struggle.

     I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t want to travel. That much is true. But I’ve definitely met people who’ve had obstacle after obstacle while travelling. Picture driving 2,000 miles in an RV, during which four tires blow, thunderstorms rage, destinations are closed, and the driver loses sight in one eye. That was a trip I went on years ago, and I promise you this: if we’d had CBD on that trip, it would’ve gone a lot smoother. We wouldn’t’ve bitten each other’s heads off as much as we did, for one. I’m sure you understand. And I’m sure you know a time you’ve travelled and could’ve used CBD, too. Don’t let yourself slum it–connect with NobleCanni–anymore- help better your travelling and make it as wonderful and trouble-free as you deserve.

Emma Knox
Emma Knox

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