Sports: How to Turn “Condolences” to “Congratulations”

Sports: How to Turn “Condolences” to “Congratulations”

Emma Knox

     If you’re reading this, you’re either an athlete or you love an athlete. Either way, both congratulations and condolences. Congratulations on having found your passion and working tirelessly to improve it. Condolences on the potentially painful life and future you have ahead. To address the “condolences” aspect of your athletics, it must first be addressed to what we’re referring.

     Playing sports can be invigorating. You feel strong, agile, dynamic, like you can do anything and reach any mountain and you’re invincible. And you are strong, agile, dynamic, and maybe you can do anything and reach any mountain… But you’re not invincible. Which means none of the aforementioned traits last forever. They die, just like you. Sometimes, they die too soon, causing the swift and devastating death of careers and passions and lives. You can get a concussion, sciatica, broken bones, terrible contusions and injuries, tear your ACL or meniscus, etc. Then, there are the smaller pains, which are awful just the same, and can critically affect your athletic abilities. These are the hamartias of athletics. These are the nightmares of athletes.

     But physical ailments aren’t the only ones you can face in the world of sports. Over one third of elite athletes experience mental health issues, some severe enough to halt their career (note Michael Phelps)… So imagine how many college athletes struggle with mental health, high school athletes, or merely athletes in general- It’s likely an astronomical amount unbelievable to most. After all, when people hear “plays sports” or “athlete,” they picture a pillar of strength and stability not inhibited by emotional anguish or anxiety. But that’s the truth: athletes struggle with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, etc just like everyone else… sometimes more so. These are the hidden monsters in athletics. Nobody sees them coming, but that doesn’t stop them from creeping up and attacking otherwise happy lives. You have to watch out.

     All-in-all, sports are unforgiving and unrelenting, as incredibly fun and thrilling as they are. They can cause terrible physical and mental stress that, if not relieved, has the potential to ruin beautiful things. CBD can provide that relief. Our COO at NobleCanni, in fact, discovered CBD while playing semi-professional soccer and found it more therapeutic than anything else, sharing it with all his teammates (who similarly loved it and now use it regularly). What’s better than that, a professional opinion from one of your own?

     CBD is an anti-inflammatory, so it helps provide pain relief to any part of your body at any time… You can rub it on the specific place with a topical cream, take a dose of CBD oil, or swallow a gummy- all are easy to pack in your bag for practice and quick to use. And with your pain alleviated, you can practice more often with less struggle, produce better results on the “field,” and get along better off the “field.” Maybe it’ll elongate your career or even improve it… There’s no harm (since CBD is non-psychoactive and 100% natural).

     When it comes to mental health, the same can be said about CBD. It’s been called an “anti-anxiety,” and is known for its ability to relax and relieve stress… People swear by CBD for their depression, anxiety, and everyday complications. It’s an all-natural, chemical-free way to help give yourself pause and take a breath, to stop the buzzing inside your head and let yourself just be. If Michael Phelps had tried CBD, he may have felt up to participating in the next Olympics… but he didn’t, so we’ll never know. Don’t limit yourself or let your mental anguish prevent you from reaching your goals.

     Athletes hear “condolences” when they’re injured, mentally incapable, and unable to continue their sport. But if they try CBD, they may be able to prevent the condolence-worthy disasters before they develop into disasters. Athletes hear “congratulations” when they’re successful, profitable, fortunate and happy. If physical and mental pain can be helped, then athletes might only ever hear the positive of the two. Turn “condolences” to “congratulations” with CBD today, and we at NobleCanni will be the first ones to congratulate you. It could save your passion, your career, and your life.

Emma Knox
Emma Knox

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