PTSD: How to Improve Your Sleep, Goddammit

PTSD: How to Improve Your Sleep, Goddammit

Emma Knox

     One third of Americans struggle with daily sleep issues and 68% struggle with sleep at least once per week. You aren’t alone. But their sleep problems aren’t anything like yours. Yours are caused by trauma. They struggle because they’re parents, they’re stressed, they drank too much caffeine, etc. You struggle because you have PTSD. And then, you have nightmares. Not just storybook-monster-nightmares, but debilitating, horrifying nightmares… some of which were real. You’re not alone… but somehow, you are. And you don’t want to be in that category. Why would you?

     There’re sleep medications you can try. But they aren’t reliable: they may hardly make a dent or they may make way too much of a dent. My father struggles terribly with sleep (thanks to his PTSD) and has (begrudgingly) tried every sleeping pill out there, to no avail. My grandmother, too, has severe problems sleeping… and once, she tried Ambien. As the story goes, she said and did outrageous things before suddenly passing out and into a fit of strange, ugly nightmares. Neither of them tried pills again. But they tried CBD (and it worked).

     CBD can increase your amount of sleep, improve the quality of your sleep, reduce night sweats, reduce the stress that worsens your sleep, reduce your nightmares, and give you a more peaceful, restful night. It’s an all-natural sleep aid that doesn’t need to be prescribed, won’t affect your memory or escalate your nightmares, and has a plethora of additional benefits.

     For a few months, I had the same nightmare every night. It felt insanely real and was entirely plausible and was terrifying. Every evening, I was scared to go to sleep… and every day, I was on edge, waiting for my dreams to burst through my front door and come true. It was miserable. I thank God it ended. So imagining what it’s like for someone with PTSD… I can’t imagine it. I can’t imagine spending every day, for years, possibly a lifetime, afraid and plagued like that. So I want you to try CBD. In one study, 72% of PTSD patients reported their nightmares gone after taking CBD. You don’t deserve to feel that way, to hear and see those things in the dark. You deserve peace and quiet and sleep. CBD.

     And then, there’s the frustration of staring at your ceiling. When you want desperately to sleep, are physically and mentally exhausted and have nothing left to give to the day, but just can’t. So you toss and turn and kick your covers and grumble and eventually find yourself lying on your back, staring at the ceiling, wanting to scream. Just let me sleep, goddammit! It’s maddening. So you get something to eat, watch some TV, do just enough to keep your mind occupied without expending energy you don’t have. But then you gain unhealthy weight from all the midnight snacks, are lethargic throughout the day, are grouchy and grumpy and grumble under your breath. It’s just as maddening. The way to make it stop is to get CBD. CBD can let you sleep, goddammit.

     You have enough on your plate with PTSD: enough fear, enough anxiety, enough pain. You don’t need to add “bad/no sleep,” “night sweats,” and “nightmares” to your list. You need to remove things from your list. And CBD can do that for you. And we at NobleCanni can help you do that… through our dedication to CBD. It can improve your sleep greatly, not to mention reduce the dreadful nightmares you’re enduring, and simultaneously benefit you in a number of additional ways. Get it and SLEEP, GODDAMMIT.

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