Post-Accident Pain –> Smooth Ride with CBD

Post-Accident Pain –> Smooth Ride with CBD

Emma Knox

     There are accident-prone people who fall from forty-feet-tall ladders and have their earlobes torn off by low-hanging branches (shout out to my father and stepmother), and then there are people who get into accidents… namely car accidents. If you’re the latter, stay; if you’re the former, reevaluate–are you sure this is the right article for you?–and then make your choice. But mainly, this is for those of you who have suffered an auto accident and remain in excruciating pain. This is the heavenly message to answer your wretched prayers. Read on.

     Car accidents are infamous for leaving people altered versions of themselves; neither worse, nor better, but undoubtedly changed. Hopefully, you aren’t here in search of Pre-Accident You, because we can’t promise to recover that version– what we can promise is to help make the life of Post-Accident You exponentially better. You’re probably in physical pain; you’re probably unsettled or anxious; you probably don’t sleep well and struggle to get back in the car. And apart from going to a psychiatrist, or physical therapist, or drugging yourself up entirely, you’re at a loss for your next step. We’re here to guide that step.

     Most commonly, people experience neck and/or back pain after a car accident (perhaps not you, but so goes the statistic)… And if you’re the former, you know that until they can no longer use it, people don’t realize how important your neck really is. And if you’re the latter, let me welcome you to the tragically large club of people with chronic back pain. Pain–especially in critical places like your neck and back–is, at the very best, a mad nuisance, and at its worst, a debilitating tumor. You want to be able to turn when your son calls you, be able to crane your neck to see his kitchen-dance… Pain-free is your goal here. And we have the ladder to that goal: CBD.

     Car accidents, too, are a common cause for anxiety and post-traumatic stress. For PTSD specifically, go to The Answer to Your PTSD Anxiety – NobleCanni or any other targeted article on our website– here, we’re focusing instead on your generic anxiety, stress, and coping. It’s difficult, and feels impossible… But it isn’t impossible. And it isn’t necessary to feel the fear and do it anyway– you can diminish the fear (anxiety, stress, etc), potentially dissolve it altogether, and then do whatever you choose. You can sleep again–a full and deep sleep–without the disruption of nightmares. You can ride in a car without terror. You can go about your day with loose, enviable ease. CBD can help you do that.

     Perhaps you’re overwhelmed with everything else in your life and don’t think you have the time to purchase and keep up with taking CBD… But you do: it’s a quick purchase–bing, bang, boom–and all you have to do is drop a dot under your tongue (or pop a gummy or rub on a topical, etc) between errands, both rapid-fast actions you needn’t be concerned over. Perhaps you’re worried about the cost… But we provide CBD products to you at a discount, plus the prices you’ll end up paying in other damages (pain causes further accidents, stress causes physical and mental damage) will far exceed the price of CBD up-front. Or perhaps, you’re simply unsure about the product; but that is the easiest fix of all, because CBD is nothing if not simple. CBD is all-natural (no derived chemicals) and is neither addictive, nor psychoactive. It has benefits like:

  1. Relieving Pain (since it’s an anti-inflammatory)
  2. Improving Sleep
  3. Relieving Anxiety and Stress
  4. Boosting Energy
  5. Relaxing and Calming

     That accident doesn’t have to rule your life. Don’t let it. Purchase CBD from us today and you’ll open yourself up to a smooth ride.

Emma Knox
Emma Knox

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