Perfect Solution to Your Pitbull’s Pain

Perfect Solution to Your Pitbull’s Pain

Emma Knox

     If any dog breed is controversial, it’s the Pitbull variety. But before you start narrowing your eyes, let me tell you: I’m a big Pitbull enthusiast. You’ve got a friend in me.

     Pitbulls carry both sides of the sword. On one end, they’re strong, driven, powerful, energetic, and hard to control; on the other, they’re extremely affectionate, loyal, full of personality, love people, and are lap dogs. They can be both fighting dogs and nanny dogs. But you don’t want either- you got a Pitbull because you love the Hell out of the breed and think they’re resilient, sweet, amazing companions. And you think right. But don’t be fooled: not everyone can have a Pitbull. You’re a special kind of person. (You rock.)

     Still, it doesn’t matter how kindly you treat your dog: Pitbulls have a natural embedded aggression (thanks to the breeding and development of dog fighting), namely towards other dogs. They aren’t mean or malicious- they just act on instincts they can’t control. Even the most lovely Pitbull can instantly, with little or no warning, attack another dog… and you won’t be able to do much once it’s started. But, with CBD, you can steer your pup away from aggression before it even reveals itself (if it ever does). And no, it isn’t a sedative! It’s a natural aid in mild relaxation, calming, and mood stabilization. It can settle Pitbulls down, not too much, but enough to protect them and other dogs from any potential break. With CBD, you can keep them from doing something they don’t want to do.

     You’ll be hard up to find a dog as loving and loyal as a Pitbull. Even after they’re beaten bloody and left for dead, these dogs will wag their tails and grin up at their saviors and fall in love instantly. You’ll fall in love instantly too. How could you not? They love to sleep with you, exercise with you, get lots of hugs and kisses, and lie on your lap half the day. So you shouldn’t be surprised when I tell you Pitbulls are very prone to separation anxiety. Their family is their world, so when the world isn’t there, they feel cold and lonely. That’s why Pitbulls are often seen staring out house windows… They’re waiting for their lovers to come back to them. But it doesn’t have to be so hard for them.

     Pitbulls, too, are one of the most widely abused dog breeds (if not the most abused), so much to people’s horror, they’re often found abandoned, beaten, starved, etc. What’s more, Pitbulls don’t show their pain. So people often convince themselves the dog is okay, feeling fine, plenty happy and comfortable, but they’re dead wrong. Pitbulls can be in excruciating pain and they’ll still act like the world is made of candy. If you aren’t sure about their pain, you can’t give them medication that could hurt them… But you can give them CBD. And especially if they’re clearly in pain, CBD is a fantastic answer. It’s natural, safe, and beneficial in a plethora of ways. Not just for pain. Then maybe your Pitbull will be smiling especially big.

     There isn’t any dog breed more hated, more feared, more hurt… but there’s also no dog breed equally resilient and filled with unconditional love. There’s no dog breed more deserving of relief and love. Pitbulls need CBD to improve every day of their sweet little lives. We’re here to help you give them that gift.

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