NobleCanni Series: (1) “Ever-Upward”

NobleCanni Series: (1) “Ever-Upward”

Emma Knox

     We are pushing a snowball uphill.

     There’s an old myth about a man named Sisyphus… So it goes, he’s damned to roll a rock uphill for eternity. But every time he rolls it to the top, it rolls back down. His hard work is rendered moot again and again, forever. Our story is not the same.

     Instead of a rock on a slippery hill, we at NobleCanni are rolling a snowball up a snow-ridden mountain. The mountain never ends and the snowball only grows with every push. The snowball is us. The snowball is NobleCanni. Our hard work is rewarded with every inch of growth and is ever-upward.

     We started simply, as CBD production, but over time, we evolved and grew into what we are: the grand NobleCanni marketplace. And we continue to grow with each passing day. In some ways, quite literally- what was originally composed of a few people is now a bustling eight teams, with an average of three people per team. In other ways, our growth has been subtle and slow- we make connections, friendships, partnerships with people, one by one, in our community, gradually expanding our reach and building rapport. Think of it like the spread of Islam, of Christianity, Buddhism, democracy: it happens slowly, moving gracefully with time, and then suddenly people realize what they’ve been missing before finding it. And much like the aforementioned religions, NobleCanni will never dissipate or disappear. It will only grow. It will only move uphill.

     That’s what we spend our days doing. Me, our video team, our business team, PR, HR, development, research, Ali and Ahmed… We all work to develop NobleCanni into the nationwide, eventually worldwide, hit it should be. One day, we’ll get there. But even then, we’ll keep pushing the snowball and evolving because Noble Work is Never Done. We’ll push ahead because the farther we go, the more people will stand on the other side of our snowball, pressing down against us. Against time and against cynics, we will press forward to progress our company and progress CBD as a product… because, to us, our progress is CBD’s progress, and CBD’s progress is the progress of the Good of Man.

     Speaking with anyone who believes strongly in something, they’ll say their work is never done. They’ll say the expanse of awareness and change in thought doesn’t end until every person stands with them… which, considering the ever-shifting population, is never. We at NobleCanni think no differently. We believe in CBD and in people’s wellness, their well-being. We will always be rolling up the hill and our business will always move with us. We will keep growing, keep spreading what we know to be true, keep moving forward. NobleCanni is the snowball that only goes up.

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Emma Knox

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