NobleCanni Series: (5) “One by One”

NobleCanni Series: (5) “One by One”

Emma Knox

     You’re here because you either misunderstood the title of this article or you want to know more about our team members. If you’re the former, feel free to head out; if the latter, welcome! Here we are (for now)…


George Monahan, HR Director

     George graduated from University of Alabama with a Communications major and a Creative Media minor. His favorite thing about working here at NobleCanni is all the different kinds of people he gets to talk to on a daily basis. And although George’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day… he didn’t have his first kiss until 18.


Emily Benack, HR Member

     Emily is attending George Washington University with a major in Communications so she can one day be a killer event planner. Her favorite part about working at NobleCanni is the diverse slew of “incredibly kind, talented, and inspiring people.” Emily is from Salem, Massachusetts (home of the Salem witch trials) and happens to have beautiful red hair (an ancient sign of witchcraft).


Emma Knox, Creative Writer

     Emma is getting a degree in Creative Writing at GMU in the hopes she’ll one day be a renowned published author. Her favorite thing about working for NobleCanni is the comfort and ease of  the office. And while Emma wants to be an author, she also wants to be a taxi driver, a farmer, a clown, an explorer, a baker, a musician, a racecar driver, a fortune cookie writer, and a kickass mom.


Malek Zubieta, Researcher

     Malek goes to GMU with a major in neuroscience… but he’s changed his major four times and is considering changing it again, since he wants to tackle everything out there. His favorite thing about working at NobleCanni is the freedom to research anything any way he wants, getting to learn a million things at once. But Malek is anything but straight-lined: he went to Catholic school, Muslim school, Synagogues, and learned extensively about nearly every religion  over the course of his life; not to mention the long list of places he’s travelled.


Bailey O’Shea, Researcher

     Bailey is getting his master’s at GMU in Bioengineering, hoping to eventually become a science/engineering college professor (while also running a research lab). His favorite part of working at NobleCanni is having the ability to educate people on topics they aren’t familiar with and to “open his arsenal.” Bailey is a surfer and, although he grew up in Virginia Beach, drives all the way down to North Carolina to catch the best, most gnarly waves.


George Hughes, PR Director

     George is senior at GMU with a major in Marketing, hoping to one day get a non-boring marketing job at Nestle or Amazon. His favorite thing about working here is the creative freedom and “real-world responsibility.” George considers himself a pro at Guitar Hero, able to play every song on expert level.


Taylor Hunter, PR Member

     Taylor is attending VCU with a major in Mass Communications in hopes of one day working for a public relations firm with multiple organizations. Her favorite thing about working at NobleCanni is the purpose and her ability to give back to the community. Taylor fosters puppies in her free time for Homeward Trails, taking care of them until they’re adopted.


Kim Dao, Business Project Manager

     Kim recently graduated from GMU with a degree in Information System and Operation Management (ISOM) in the hopes of being a business analyst. And here at NobleCanni, she is! Her favorite thing about working here is the fast-paced atmosphere and the diversity. But as big as her mind is, Kim hasn’t grown since fourth grade (at 5’1”).


Yasser Mohmand, Business Director

     Yasser is attending GMU with a major in Economics so he can one day start his own business (likely something in tech). His favorite thing about working here at NobleCanni is the freedom to express his ideas… but while Yasser may seem all business, he is both a “huge anime nerd” and a big combat sports fan.


Teresa Fenge, Business Member

     Teresa graduated from GMU with a degree in Arts Management, dreaming to work in social media marketing. Her favorite part about working at NobleCanni is the environment and the creative energy (of which she has tons!). Teresa has been to Thailand, Bali Island, and Malaysia, but her favorite places to go are the beaches in Malaysia.


Alex Nicholas, Head of Web Development

     Alex recently graduated from GMU with a degree in IT, working towards his lifelong dream of designing cool, beautiful websites. His favorite part of working at NobleCanni is being with people who make him excited to get up in the morning and come to work. Alex has dual-citizenship with the UK and the US- and while he likes it here, he loves the kindness and warmth of people in England, “especially during Christmastime.”


Orgil Pount, Web Developer

     Orgil recently graduated from VCU with a bachelor’s in Political Science and will be attending GMU in the fall for a master’s degree in Public Policy. His favorite thing about working at NobleCanni is the (delicious) hot chocolate machine, and Orgil considers his secret superpower to be his fantastic sense of smell.


Duy Troung, Web Developer

     Duy graduated from Valparaiso University with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics, with which he hopes to become a UX designer, creating and designing amazing apps. His favorite part about working here at NobleCanni is how alive the environment is, plus “good coffee.” Outside of work, though, Duy is big in music: he plays guitar, keyboard, and drums; composes; and produces music (mainly EDM).


Rebecca Wise, UX/UI Developer

     Rebecca recently graduated from General Assembly’s User Experience Design Immersive with the dream of one day doing NASA’s UX/UI design and outreach. Rebecca referees Roller Derby, but will never be able to play because she tore her ACL and a tendon in her ankle.


Alexis Harris, Graphic Designer

     Alexis first went to college for Criminal Justice, then worked in a jail, then in security… Until  finally, she found her passion in graphic design. Now, Alexis is attending FIRST Institute,  majoring in Graphic Design/Web Development while working with us at NobleCanni. (Her favorite part about working here is her freedom from stuffy uniforms.) Alexis is an extremely competitive gamer- in fact, she considers herself the best.


Pam Beltowski, Graphic Designer

     Pam graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a degree in Graphic Design and currently works at an animal hospital. Her favorite thing about working at NobleCanni is the newness, freshness of the environment and energy. Pam is an identical  twin, and she and her sister used to blame everything on their imaginary triplet, Jill. (She wishes they still could.)


Jeff Dupuy, Video Editor

     Jeff got his associate’s at NOVA in IT, then worked as a freelance IT consultant for some time, and is now attending GMU to get his bachelor’s in IT Web Development. He loves working here at NobleCanni because he gets new experiences, learns new things, and learns people’s stories. Jeff is passionate about both learning and teaching- he used to teach sailing to 7-to-14-year-olds in Massachusetts and would’ve become a teacher if IT hadn’t worked out.


Joshua VanDeMark, Video Editor

     Josh is attending Slippery Rock University, where he’s majoring in Communications so he can one day work videography in Hollywood. In the meantime, his favorite part of working at NobleCanni is how nice, chill, and accepting people are. Josh has been to two foreign continents (Australia and Europe) and his favorite places to go were the beaches (and bars) in Spain.


Aswathi Menon, Video Editor

     Aswathi is attending Emerson College with a major in Media Arts Production in the hopes of one day being a film actress. Her favorite part about working at NobleCanni are the free snacks. Aswathi loves rollercoasters- she once went on a road trip wherein she visited exactly half the  Six Flags in the U.S.

Emma Knox
Emma Knox

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