NobleCanni Series: (4) “What We Believe”

NobleCanni Series: (4) “What We Believe”

Emma Knox

     We aren’t hollow. We aren’t chocolate bunnies that look pretty and yummy, but have nothing on the inside. We’re the goddamn Ferrero Rochers. We have creamy, chewy, crunchy insides. We believe in things.

     There’s a reason we developed a marketplace instead of a storefront: We believe in CBD and we’re determined to convince everyone to believe in it too. And we partner with activist organizations because we believe in them. We believe in protecting the environment, promoting people’s wellness (namely through CBD), and essentially, helping people and the world in any way we can.

     We aren’t a half-assed crowd. There are people out there who are weak believers, saying they’re anti-dairy but refusing to march in a vegan protest, who voted for someone but won’t share who, who love their partner but never defend them. We aren’t like them. We’re the people who attend the marches, the protests, who fight the nonbelievers, who stand up for our beliefs at any given time. At NobleCanni, passion is the key word.

     To give you some perspective, here are some things Ali, our CEO, has said (and I’m paraphrasing):

  • “Those people who think beer is good for you, but CBD is this bad, toxic thing- they’re idiots. They’re just idiots.”
  • “I want to throw my shoe at them. Or this pencil– yeah, if someone says something stupid about CBD to me, I’ll throw this pencil at their head.”
  • “You don’t recycle? You don’t help people? You don’t do anything for anyone? You aren’t noble. We don’t want you here.”
  • “What the f— is wrong with [people who don’t care about the environment]?”

     This is an impassioned company. Listen. We believe in what we say, what we sell, what we push. Being noble… It’s important to us. Don’t think it isn’t.

     We’re here to make people rethink their opinions. We’re here to make a difference. So we believe as strongly as we can. Ferrero Rochers rule the world, baby.

Emma Knox
Emma Knox

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