NobleCanni Series: (2) “The Skinny on Us”

NobleCanni Series: (2) “The Skinny on Us”

Emma Knox

     You’re not here because you want a blanket description of our company. That, you can easily find on our home page. You want the 4-1-1, the skinny, the low-down deets not placed at the forefront of our business. So let’s get down to it, you and me.

     Who are you? We are NobleCanni. We’re, first and foremost, a marketplace… but we’re more than that: we’re a platform too, for CBD and activism and environmental issues and wellbeing and a world of other things. We’re a community of people who invest our time and effort and passion to make a difference.

     We don’t produce our own products–that would limit people’s options–and we don’t have our own charities–that would take away from other deserving charities–and we don’t do anything more than share knowledge about, awareness about, and support for CBD. At NobleCanni, we do everything we can do that the market needs and that people need without detracting from good product-based companies and charities.

     First to mention: we help sell other people’s CBD products. We partner with multiple companies to give you a variety of options… maybe you like one brand, but not another… and we give you a seven percent discount on those products. So you’re never buying NobleCanni products–those don’t exist anymore–but you’re buying high-quality products through NobleCanni. Whatever, from whomever, you want. Plus, (you’re welcome) we’re saving you money.

     Second: we’re connecting you to charity work. When you watch Christmas or Thanksgiving specials, you’ll usually see people finding their way to a soup kitchen… but what’s the likelihood you’ve ever gone to one? Slim. You don’t have the time. You have commitments, a schedule, a family, things in your way… but that doesn’t mean you don’t wish you could go. You care about people, the environment, about making a difference, but the only way you can help is through quick, easy outlets. Like this. Seven percent of your total money spent is donated to one of our partnered causes. Easy peasy, quick and breezy. No apron required.

     Third: we at NobleCanni are working for you. We’re built on community, passion, support, and care. It might sound like B.S., but it isn’t- we care about people. Animals. Everything living, we care. Not just our customers, not just our family, not just anybody– NobleCanni is an all-inclusive, all-loving company meant purely to help people. We do everything we do for you, from discounts to partnerships to activism and more. You’re our priority (pinky swear).

     I could say a lot more about us, but I don’t want to hold you up. After all, I promised the skinny, not the fat. What’s most important is this: NobleCanni is a CBD marketplace based around helping (activism, charity, and love). Keep us in mind.

Emma Knox
Emma Knox

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