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NobleCanni Series: (10) “Mr. CBD, Part Two”

Emma Knox

     Our CEO at NobleCanni is, on one hand, almost indescribable; but like all people, Ali Toghral is more than the colorful personality he presents to friends and interns. He is a suit man too, multifaceted and similar to Muhammed Ali in one critical way: He floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee.

     A man who’s spent the past many years (with the help of his partner, Ahmed) building NobleCanni up from dirt, Ali wasn’t made faint-hearted and doesn’t come lightly. Rather, the minute he enters the professional sector of his life, he embodies professionalism and ambition. There’s a tone to his voice, a height in his stance, and a presence felt when he enters a room that makes people’s heads turn, usually in interest and always in respect. He works like a dog, put simply, and is always in the entrepreneur headspace, available at virtually all times to discuss business. And when it comes to business, Ali is approaching the level of Henry Ford and P.T. Barnum- he should be seized by the government and studied (though he’d negotiate his way out of it).

     At first glance, Ali doesn’t look like a bodyguard or otherwise large protector (he’s tall, thin, and sharp, more like the bar’s owner than the bouncer outside), but as a boss, partner, and collaborator, he is just that: the Strong Man safeguarding your best interest. People who’ve worked with Ali can confirm this, as he ensures everyone’s comfort, trust, and “I promise I won’t [insert synonym of “screw”] you over.” Inversely, once an outside force pushes back, Ali becomes the mighty protector, be it of himself, his partners, workers, beliefs, or his company, and (so said earlier) stings like a bee.

     But best known is his passion for giving back. Ali cares madly and deeply about the environment, world conflicts, human and animal life, and the better of all things. He’s the man who leads us to food banks in DC and partners with charities that bring water to places without, help veterans, provide disaster relief, rescue dogs, and support first responders. He’s the man who co-built a company based around wellbeing and activism. He’s the man who takes stands. He’s the man who stands up for what he believes in. He’s the man who never sits.

     Ali Toghral, in the realm of CBD and NobleCanni and all other professional life (merged with the rest of his life), is undoubtedly Mr. CBD.

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