NobleCanni Series: (11) “Into Our Future”

NobleCanni Series: (11) “Into Our Future”

Emma Knox

     It’s years down the road. 2030, maybe, or even as early as 2025. There aren’t flying cars yet or hoverboards, but there’s a shift in the world– because of NobleCanni. NobleCanni, now, is known worldwide, in almost half the world’s countries, and ships to them year-round. It’s become more than just a marketplace, more than a company. NobleCanni is a household name. CBD is too.

     TV, even, is saturated with NobleCanni content! They’ve produced their sixth commercial, colored (like the rest) by their snappy jingle the world knows and loves, and have featured on multiple talk shows… People from NobleCanni have stopped in both the Jimmys’ late-nights, swung by Ellen’s revival, Wendy Williams’ revival, and spent hours with Oprah on hers. Check out any news channel and you’re bound to see the company pop up sometime in the week. The CEO was even on an episode of Celebrity IOU, surprising his favorite NobleCanni writer with a beautifully landscaped farm and stream. The only channel free from NobleCanni is the Hallmark channel– and maybe not for long!

     NobleCanni has become a huge hit with truck drivers, too, thanks to their famed cross-country billboards and radio ads. Their radio ads, much like their TV commercials, are recognized by their jingle… but even more by their charm and intrigue. And that isn’t all: multiple radio stations have interviewed NobleCanni live, including Bobby Bones and Howard Stern. So all this, plus the killer billboards plastered along the streets of America, has sent NobleCanni beyond just houses and jobs, and into cars and semis. Everyone’s on the road again… but now, with CBD!

     At parties, products bought through NobleCanni have become as commonplace as beer. At barbecues, as commonplace as burgers and corn. At posh functions, as commonplace as self-aggrandisement. Put simply, NobleCanni is everywhere.

     And they’re tied in with all the best people! At the NobleCanni headquarters, celebrities (influencers, politicians, singers, actors, etc) stop in weekly–sometimes daily–to work on campaigns, advertisements, activist movements, and more- they’re addicted to the NobleCanni spirit! A new breakout star even donned a logo’d shirt at last November’s red carpet! The employees, too, although not celebrities, are just as amazing, each devoted to not only the company itself, but passionate about helping people every day and striving for greatness in the world. They are the cords that keep NobleCanni swinging. The People are the wind.

     But that’s not all. Popularity aside, NobleCanni has become synonymous with various charity organizations around the world, all touching on environment, life, and love. When people think about giving water and food to people without access otherwise, they think NobleCanni; when people think about planting trees and recycling, they think NobleCanni; when people think about selfless helping hands, they think NobleCanni. Having partnered with over 50 organizations and charities across the world, built over 300 water wells (plus 30 orphanages) across the world, and helped over 50 million people in America alone, they’re at the forefront of cause marketing and admired by humanitarians and environmentalists everywhere.

     And then there’s the fame. The success. The general Jay Gatsby aura and esteem that surrounds NobleCanni and its founders. It’s all watched carefully by the public, known widely, and a constant topic of talk on the streets. It’s untouchable. That’s our future.

Emma Knox
Emma Knox

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