[Media Kit Hype]

[Media Kit Hype]

Emma Knox

     We’re launching soon. After years of preparation, buildup, and work, it’s happening. And we’re prefacing our start with our media kit– it’s our introduction, our bio, our “and in this corner… NobleCanni!”

     The media kit is for everybody, really, anybody interested in our company and what we do; but it’s especially meant to reach promoters, organizations, and vendors who can potentially partner with us. Likely, that includes you. So read on. If you’re a promoter, proceed to the next section; if you’re an organization, go to the second section below; and if a vendor, continue to the third section down. And then, all of you can continue to the fourth section following this one.

     You’re a promoter. That means a couple things. It means you have a following–you’re well-liked, even well-loved, by people all around–that trusts you, you influence and inspire people, and you all-in-all have a certain brand of magic that gets things out the door. It also means you have potential to be on the ground floor of amazing companies and products. And I’ll let you in on something: we’re one of those. This is a very simple, very clean and clear partnership: you’re a phenomenal promoter and we’re an up-and-coming marketplace marketing a rising product. By partnering with us, you’ll be accepting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help make a difference.

     You’re a noble organization. Which is why we’re interested in partnering with you. You’re already making a positive impact, but your positive impact is limited to the people who already know about your cause. By teaming with us, you’ll be broadening your reach and accessing a new, diverse audience you’d struggle to reach otherwise. What’s more, we’ll be helping you through donations and exposure on our website. There’s little more an organization could ask for than what we’re offering, a partnership with a marketplace rising in success and product popularity. If you join us, you’ll be accepting an offer you can’t refuse.

     You’re a vendor in the CBD and hemp industry. You provide high-quality products to the public and do so in an ethical, honorable way…  So we think you’d be a good addition to our team. And in response, you should be Uncle Sam saying, “I want YOU,” because we’re here to give you the chance to be a part of our company at the start. We’re currently the only activism marketplace for CBD, so by partnering with us, you’re opening up your brand to growing, varied audiences as well as charming connections with charities and activists. Not to mention you’ll be selling more products than ever before and meanwhile, taking part in a movement to shift the perception of CBD and hemp.

     Our media kit tells you all this and more, plus–this is a guarantee–it’s far more appealing to look at than this. You can read all about NobleCanni, our impact rule, CBD products, and the benefits we provide promoters, organizations, and vendors. It’s going to tell you everything you need to know and, almost certainly, peak your interest in our company. If you’re still not sold, check out our other article, “[Media Kit Trailer]” to get a sneak peak at what we’re telling you. And then, you’re welcome to hop on board our budding young ship. But remember: we’re exclusive, and we have limited spaces, so jump aboard before it’s too late.

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