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Lower Back Pain? Become a Believer in CBD!

Emma Knox

     If you exercise, you’re susceptible to lower back pain; if you don’t exercise, you’re susceptible to lower back pain. Overweight and underweight people are susceptible to lower back pain. If you have a desk job, you’re susceptible to lower back pain, but you’re also susceptible if you have an active job. There’s no winning! But your pain–yours is beyond a typical sloucher’s–has been infuriating and has, in turn, brought you here. It’s chronic. It’s crippling. It’s maddening, for God’s sake. Aha– but it doesn’t have to be.

     It’s a wonderfully sunny day, not too warm but not too cold, and your girlfriend is moving. You, of course, offered to help weeks ago, but now, your lower back screams each time you bend over, then again when you straighten up, and again every time you step forward. You can’t help her and end up sitting on the sidewalk, feeling completely useless and guilty, while she loads everything herself. Another. You’re at a family reunion and everyone wants to play cornhole (or football, baseball, insert your family’s sport of choice). They’re all set up and begging you to play, but the minute you get out there, you feel the pain creep in. You end up spending the next hour on the sidelines, watching alone. Another. It’s been one of the hardest weeks of your life– you’re exhausted, spent, beyond consolation, and all you want is to relax. But when you sit down on your couch, your lower back refuses to allow you that peace. Lying in your sweet, soft bed makes your back hurt even more. The serenity you desperately need, feel you deserve, but cannot get, mocks you and your back laughs along, the ringmaster of it all. And it only gets worse with age.

     You have fantasies of loading your girlfriend’s heaviest boxes and furniture with ease, her grinning in amazement and pride, and finishing without a bead of sweat; fantasies of dominating every member of your family in cornhole, or at least playing along with the energy and joy of a child; and fantasies, best of all, of lounging like a happy vegetable without any feeling but comfort. Those fantasies aren’t unreasonable; they can come to fruition. You can be the master of effortless feats. CBD can hand you the crown. Since CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory, it can relieve your pain in a snap (without nasty after-effects) and leave you bending with a smile. And if a contributor to your lower back pain is weight and/or lack of energy to exercise, CBD can work even further: it helps balance your endocannabinoid system, sending your body into equilibrium… which stabilizes your appetite and metabolism (if either is too low/high) while also increasing your energy and boosting your mood. So no matter the cause, CBD can give your lower back the pain-free flexibility you really, really need.

     Chronic back pain, especially in the lower back, is one of the (if not the) most common sites of chronic pain in the human body. It’s horrific and widespread, which, although unfortunate, provides you with a substantial amount of research and evidence on the subject… So if you’re unsure about the beneficial effects of CBD on lower back pain, simply check a search engine and you’ll find immediate testimonials. I’ll even give you one now, free of charge or extra tabs: my father, 69 and afflicted with terrible back pain, tried CBD pain-relieving lotion and within ten minutes, was amazed at the results; he buys the stuff religiously now. And when you buy with us, you’re further guaranteed fabulous service and products (thanks to our extensive efforts and care), so there’s no need for concern. What’s more, CBD acts quickly and efficiently, and you only have to take/apply it (no extra steps! no wild extra pieces!). Are you a believer yet?

     If you have lower back pain, you should become a believer in CBD. To paraphrase The Monkees, Then you saw CBD, now you’re a believer / not a trace, a doubt in your mind / you’re relieved, you’re a believer / you couldn’t leave it if you tried.

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