Living with Epilepsy? Discover New Hope with CBD.

Living with Epilepsy? Discover New Hope with CBD.

Emma Knox

     Epilepsy is the first (and so far, only) condition to have its own FDA-approved treatment using CBD! So if you’re leery about what you try, careful with your pickings, here’s a sign that CBD for epilepsy is not a stretch or a gamble- it’s a worthy shot. Admittedly, the FDA-approved CBD-based medication isn’t the same as commercial CBD products (nor is it targeted to every form of epilepsy), but that doesn’t eliminate CBD’s benefits. Not in the least.

     Epilepsy, along with being the fourth most common neurological disorder in the world, is surrounded by dangerous misconceptions. So people with epilepsy not only endure the brunt of their condition, but they need to worry about how people may react if they seize (i.e. restraining them, moving them, putting something in their mouth, etc). Since you’re likely afflicted with epilepsy, or a loved one, you’re already aware of this. What’s more, your ability to drive is dependent on the frequency, recentness, and intensity (controllability) of your seizures. There’s a constant reminder in the back of your head, whispering ugly nothings, warning and worrying you, and all you want is relief.

     CBD can be that relief. First and foremost, CBD is known for its ability to help reduce anxiety, stress, and worry… so your concerns don’t have to be overbearing and all-consuming; they can simply be what they are: concerns. It’s common for people to develop anxiety soon after their diagnosis or after experiencing a seizure or two (cue fear of seizing), too, which brings back the comfort CBD can provide you. Your fear doesn’t have to control you. Nor does your epilepsy- CBD has proven to help lessen the frequency of seizures. And where there are less seizures, there are less potential hazards, health risks, stressors, anxiety, and driving restrictions.

     By using CBD to help treat your epilepsy, you’ll be:

  1. Saving yourself money (in expensive medications, trials, hospital bills, etc)
  2. Saving yourself time (in trials, hospital runs, badly-timed seizures (or any-timed seizures, for that matter), etc)
  3. Escaping pain, damage, stress, anxiety
  4. Giving yourself the gift of comfort and relief
  5. Improving your productivity and health
  6. Opening yourself up to a world of (semi-seizure-free) possibilities, opportunities, friendships and live experiences

     … And what’s the downside of any of that?

     All in all, choosing CBD is choosing a new life for yourself. Choose us and achieve that life. It won’t magically free you from your condition, nor will it magically free you from anything, but it will be more of a help than most anything else. You can call it epilep-C-BD.

Emma Knox
Emma Knox

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