How to Turn Muscle Pain to Personal Gain

Emma Knox

     This article isn’t reserved for MMA fighters and master weight-lifters– since everyone has muscles (even the noodle-armed), everyone experiences muscle strain. If you’re one of the noodle-armed, don’t feel shamed into closing this tab! This is for you too. Promise. Keep reading.

     There are a variety of reasons you may be here… Maybe you have an autoimmune or neuromuscular disorder that causes you muscle pain (ALS, MS, Muscular Dystrophy, Lupus, etc). Maybe you have an injury or infection that brought it about. Or maybe–like most of us, I suspect–your muscles ache because of stress, tension, and overuse. Any of these are valid and all of these can be helped by CBD.

     Your pain impedes on every aspect of your life. You can’t successfully work, because your muscle pain affects your ability to think/move properly; and if you continue to work at the same half-skill, slipping, you’ll inevitably lose your job. You can’t get along like you should, change the lightbulbs and rearrange the furniture and play with the kids; and if you keep it up, your home and hobbies will fall into disrepair (and if you’re married, your spouse will grow resentful). Everything that comes easily to you is now a struggle, and if you can’t do the things you’re good at and the things you love, you can’t help but wonder: what am I good for? This is a miserable feeling encroaching on your life… and you desperately want it to disappear– and take your pain with it!

     Put simply, you want your life to be easier. Better. Ideally, you want every day to feel like Thanksgiving evening, fat and happy and relaxed. That’s what CBD does: it gives you that Thanksgiving-night feeling on any given day. It puts you in that serene, content mood you spend each day looking for, but fail to find.

     CBD is the anti-inflammatory of your dreams! It is the relief you’ve been missing! It’s the assassin sent after your muscle pain… and it’s well-supported, well-received, with fantastic reviews. It is an all-natural, non-addictive, non-psychoactive dollop of magic– give it a chance. We’ll help you. Your muscles will be immensely relieved. You will be immensely relieved.

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