How to Make Diabetes Less Sour, More Sweet

How to Make Diabetes Less Sour, More Sweet

Emma Knox

     There are four types of diabetes: type 1, type 2, prediabetes, and gestational. If you’re any of the latter three, you can skip the next paragraph and continue reading. If you fall in the first type, then let’s start fresh by saying…

     There are two types of people: people who toe the line, play it safe, avoid anything outside the normal; and people who take risks to get somewhere in life. Admittedly, the amount of research on CBD’s effects (the topic of this article) on type 1 is very limited–we can only provide you with the facts we know (and a testimonial–

A man with type 1 diabetes was reported saying that CBD kept him balanced, helped him wake up, warm up for exercise, recover from said exercise, prepare for bed, sleep more deeply, reduce joint soreness, and as an effect of all of this, improve his mood.

     –from someone with the same condition)–but if you want to improve your life and truly live, you’ll try it anyway. You’ll do what it takes to make every day a better day. If you’re willing to do that, read on; if not, feel free to exit this tab and continue toeing the line.

     When people think diabetes, they think blood sugar and insulin. Because of these famed first reactions, we’ll attack these effects first. Although CBD is not a replacement for sugar, doctors have reported an improvement in patients’ blood sugar levels after taking CBD… and more still have said that CBD helped moderate and regulate their blood sugar levels (and stable blood sugar, being the most prominent characteristic of diabetes, is critical). For borderline diabetics, prediabetics, and people with type 2 or gestational diabetes, CBD may lower the risk of furthering diabetes or even procuring it, which (obviously) (unless you’re chronically self-destructive) would be beyond preferable. What’s more, CBD can potentially lower insulin resistance and/or improve insulin production! These potential benefits are all noted by diabetic CBD users, some supported by loose research and testing, and all are virtually detriment-free… So where is the downside? (None is found.)

     Aside from diabetes-specific benefits, there are a host of more health benefits attributed with CBD. It can help boost gut hormone levels (a common problem connected to diabetes)! It can lower cholesterol and (bad) fat levels (since diabetes tends to decrease the good cholesterol and fat, increasing their worse versions)! It can even lessen high blood pressure (AKA hyperglycemia) (a major problem with diabetics)! Talk about add-ons.

     If you’ve met a diabetic with an amputated toe or foot, and were terrified of meeting the same fate, then this is the paragraph for you. If you don’t enjoy pain (everybody but masochists), then this is the paragraph for you. If you’re human and breathing, then this is the paragraph for you. CBD, best known for its anti-inflammatory properties, relieves pain and swelling from any (potentially all) part(s) of the body. For diabetics, this means reducing inflammation, nerve pain, and swelling and pain from nerve damage (all common). People who don’t want these symptoms relieved are far and in between, and I’m willing to bet you aren’t one of them. What’s more–here comes the save your toes tip–CBD has proven to improve circulation and keep blood properly flowing through the body and extremities. Take CBD, Save Your Feet.

     And on top of all these dangers, there is a list of diabetes side effects not previously mentioned, including (but not limited to):

  1. Fatigue
  • CBD can boost energy and decrease fatigue.
  1. Excessive Hunger and/or Thirst
  • CBD can help regulate metabolism, decrease appetite, and (as a consequence) improve eating habits.
  1. Stress/Anxiety
  • CBD is a natural anti-anxiety and as such, can help relieve stress and anxiety.
  1. Problems Sleeping
  • CBD is known well for its ability to improve and increase sleep.
  1. Pain → Stress Response → Increase in Cortisol → Increase in Blood Sugar
  • CBD can help each step in this process, eliminating the process altogether.

     No matter the type of diabetes, CBD can help improve each day of your life, and NobleCanni provides access to the best CBD brands. Don’t wait for misery before taking a step. Take this preemptive, preventative measure today.

Emma Knox
Emma Knox

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