How to Improve Your Life as an Alzheimer’s Caregiver

How to Improve Your Life as an Alzheimer’s Caregiver

Emma Knox

     You’re drowning. You love your mom, your dad, your wife, your husband–you love them enough to take care of them through Alzheimer’s–but you’re drowning. The responsibility, the heartache, the time, the cost, the work… it’s all wearing heavily on you, dragging you down. You’re not alone: 83% of Alzheimer’s caregivers are unpaid family members and friends. One third of you are over 65 and one third of you are the recipient’s daughter. One quarter of you, even, take care of both your Alzheimer’s-afflicted parent/spouse and a child under 18. You’re all struggling to balance your lives, to take care of your loved ones while also prioritizing your own needs, and you’re realizing: it’s harder than you ever thought. Caregivers like you provided roughly 15.3 billion hours of care in 2020 and spent the price of a house to help their loved one from diagnosis to passing. If there was something, anything, to help both you and your parent/spouse, you’d get it… but you can’t find it. While it sometimes may not seem so, that something does exist. It’s called CBD.

     CBD is a bottle/container of relief. It carries with it a plethora of benefits and consequently, opportunities. With CBD, your loved one can receive _________, which helps you by __________:

  1. Pain Relief; Reducing the Cost of Expensive Pain-Relieving Products AND Reducing your Worry/Stress
  2. Improved Sleep; Preventing the Cost of Expensive Sleep Aids AND Keeping your Home Peaceful at Night
  3. Reduced Anxiety, Agitation, and Aggression; Preventing Accidents and Confrontations before They Happen AND Reducing your Own Anxiety and Stress
  4. Lessened Mood Swings; Making your Care Easier AND Helping you Feel Stable in your Own Home
  5. Relief from Depression; Saving you the Cost of Expensive Antidepressants AND Improving your Days by Association
  6. Better Everyday Life; Improving your Everyday Life AND Reducing your Worry/Stress

     By buying CBD for your mom/dad/spouse, you’re making an investment in your life. When they feel better, you feel better. When their life is easier, your life is easier. CBD will save you money you’d otherwise spend on experimental care- which now, you can spend on a family vacation to Fiji… or simply to relieve the pressure of your bills and mortgage. You’ll be less worried about your loved one, less stressed, and you won’t have to look over their shoulder constantly- you’ll have the time and energy to run that marathon you’ve been eyeing or binge-watch that one show on Netflix. There’ll be less accidents and confrontations (be they with you or strangers), so you’ll have less anxiety every time you’re with your parent/spouse- you’ll feel lighter, freer. And all-in-all, your life will feel more stable, more fluid, more like a life than it did before. You can improve your life by improving your loved one’s life- it’s that easy. Give CBD a shot–give NobleCanni a shot–and you’ll be giving yourself (and your mom/dad/husband/wife) so many more opportunities.

Emma Knox
Emma Knox

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