How to Help Your Family Retriever

How to Help Your Family Retriever

Emma Knox

     You got the dog from the 1950s family commercials. The aloof, I-live-my-life-you-live-yours dogs never much appealed to you… but the I-love-you-bunches!!!! ones definitely did. That’s why you got a Retriever. With your Labrador/Golden, you have another member of the family, another kid to play with your other ones (and keep you company while they’re at school). They remind you how loved you are, how lovely life is, and the beauty of your family… and although they age, Retrievers never grow old. So it kills you to see them in pain. It’s nearly as bad as seeing your child in pain.

     Because they’re so energetic and playful, Retrievers have a tendency to be hyperactive and wild (picture Marley from Marley and Me), which doesn’t bode well for family life. It doesn’t bode well for most lives, frankly, but especially not when you have babies toddling around and pacifiers on the floor. You constantly worry about your furniture, your possessions, your children, and everything in between- because for all you know, your dog will get a mega zoomie soon that’ll leave your den in shreds. Still, you love their energy! You don’t want to hinder it! You just want to chill it from an inferno to a moderate fire.

     Your Retriever’s love for you, though, can’t be chilled: it’s bigger and wilder than everything else in them. If they had a choice–if you had a choice too, I’m sure–they’d handcuff themselves to you and waddle with you everywhere. So when you leave, their little hearts break. Labs and Goldens are some of the breeds most prone to separation anxiety: since they’re completely family-oriented (like you), they have a hard time without you by their side… They miss you too much. They howl and cry and occasionally take a chunk from your recliner. And then, you eventually come home to an overexcited dog who’s messified your living room. It’s a lose-lose situation. Especially for your sweet little Retriever.

     What’s more, they’re far from invincible- Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers have good chances of developing hip dysplasia and similar afflictions as they age, often taking a fatal toll. There’s nothing worse than seeing your baby in pain. There’s nothing worse than seeing your baby die in pain. You want them to have a comfortable, happy life- after all, they made your life more comfortable and more happy.

     CBD is the closest thing your Retriever can get to magic. It can relieve their separation anxiety (and any other anxieties), keep their energy manageable, and greatly reduce their hurt. They’re going to age and they’re going to make mistakes, but your pup can do all that gracefully. Without the bad stuff. By giving them CBD, you’re giving them a safe, all-natural aid. It’s the same as giving your son baby aspirin… but it has far more benefits. You can keep your dog feeling like a puppy, acting like a puppy (without the craziness), living like a puppy who walks on water. Wouldn’t your kids love to come home to their Retriever waiting at the bus stop? Calm, but excited, and free from pain? (Yes, they would adore it.)

     By buying your Lab/Golden CBD, you’re saving a member of your family. And by saving a member of your family, you’re saving your entire family. Keep your family beautifully intact. Get CBD today. From the company who cares about you and your pet.

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