How to Get the Most out of the Outdoors

How to Get the Most out of the Outdoors

Emma Knox

     Nothing is as easy as it was when you were 16. At 16, running (or at least jogging) a mile wasn’t the trek it is now… and it certainly didn’t leave you with the aches you’ve got. In ‘70, my dad was the fastest-running recruit at his base; now, his knees and back cripple him after hiking uphill for ten minutes. Even when you’re young, you have a limit, but once you’ve passed adolescence, the limit gets closer than your liking. If you’re over 30, you probably know exactly. You get it.

     You used to love fishing with your granddad at summer. You loved the way you stood on the dock together, your feet inches from the edge, and waited; you loved the breeze and Granddad’s laugh and how easy it all was. But as you both grew older, those days became less and less easy, and farther in between. 

     There’s nothing as refreshing as spending time outdoors–camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, boating, the works–but the trouble is staying comfortable while you’re out there. You could buy expensive equipment that makes some things easier; you could get massages after lengthy outings; you could probably find a variety of (pricey) “solutions” to help you… But none of them tackle the main issue: you. It isn’t your back that’s sore, nor is it your legs that’re getting bitten up, nor is it your mind that’s feeling stress creep back in. It’s you. You’re sore, and you’re getting bitten, and you’re stressed. Little helps you more than an effortless dose of CBD.

     So one day in the summer, you and Granddad tried CBD— just for the Hell of it. And suddenly, it was all easy again: Granddad released his line with an arm that felt 30 years younger, and you had the same calm energy you had when you were a child. With CBD, you two rewound the clock and it was like no time had passed.

     By taking CBD with you on a camping trip, or a hike, or any other outdoor activity, you have a slice of relief in your bag. It’s quick and easy to apply/take, makes a huge difference for its cost, and helps you in countless ways; in summary, it saves you time, effort, money, and pain. More specifically, CBD can make you feel better by:

  1. Reducing your Pain (from aches, accidents, sunburns, etc) (since it’s an anti-inflammatory)
  2. Boosting your Energy (for when you start to get too tired)
  3. Relieving Feelings of Anxiety and Stress
  4. Warming you Up (to help the beginning of long hikes and walks)
  5. Calming and Improving your Mood (for when you start to get mentally tired)
  6. Improving your Sleep

     Although, admittedly, you aren’t 16 anymore (unless you are) (in which case, lucky), you have the chance to feel like you are. You have the chance to feel young again and energized and unrestricted by physical and mental limits… by choosing CBD; by choosing us. Make that noble choice and in doing so, live a noble life. It’s so easy, but so helpful- give it a shot today. Rewind the clock.

Emma Knox
Emma Knox

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