How to Dilute PTSD Mood Swings

How to Dilute PTSD Mood Swings

Emma Knox

     Your life is a shitshow. At least, that’s how you feel sometimes. Potentially most of the time. And you can’t get a handle on your emotions. They swing like little boys: left, right, forward, back in rapid-fire gusts, and you can’t catch up with them, let alone stop them. There are days when you want to press your gas to 100 and fly down the highway, possibly off it; when you’re angry and ashamed and every feeling at once, lost in your own unhappiness… so you do things you shouldn’t. Say things you shouldn’t. You act out in ways that seem rational at the time, but aren’t, and feel wildly out of control of your own life. You have PTSD. And it’s killing you.

     But you aren’t out of control. You’re afflicted, yes, and you’re hurt, but you’re not damaged and you’re not crazy. You’re trying to heal. And you’re looking for something to be your Neosporin®, your aspirin. CBD can be that for you.

     There is a world of mood stabilizers out there, so you’re not in want of options… but you’re definitely in want of natural, healthy, reliable, inexpensive, over-the-counter, non-hurtful ones. Mood stabilizers have a list of side effects longer than Elastigirl’s arm and you need a psychiatrist’s prescription (or underground connections) to get them. More still, they hardly ever work on the first try: medications are not one-size-fits-all and often need to be experimented with for months/years to find the right kind and dosage. So you have to find a psychiatrist under your insurance (if you have insurance), make an appointment (if they aren’t backed up for months), spill your guts (ew), ask for mood stabilizers, pray they’ll prescribe you some, start taking them, watch out for insomnia and weight gain and erectile dysfunction, likely find they aren’t right for you, repeat. What a pain in the ass.

     No, you don’t need mood stabilizers. You don’t need antidepressants. You don’t need to get high, drunk, an adrenaline rush, an orgasm, a shopping spree, a ticket to Fiji, or anything in between. You need CBD.

     CBD is known best for its anxiety- and pain-relieving effects, but it goes deeper than that: CBD is taken by people with bipolar disorder (named for its mood swings), dementia (also known for wild moods), schizophrenia (the picture of unpredictability), and more for its ability to steer you back to homeostasis. Homeostasis, meaning: a steady, stable, still state inside you. Your life is not on stable ground right now–you have PTSD, so how could it be–but at the very least, you can stabilize your feelings, calm your compulsions with CBD. Think about it this way: CBD rhymes with PTSD, so it must work, right?

There’s a man with PTSD,

Who then tries CBD,

He feels much calmer,

Dilutes the drama,

And finds out it’s the key!

(Buy CBD for you and me.)

(Do it from NobleCanni,

The all-about-you company.)

(No more shitshow.)

Emma Knox
Emma Knox

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