Enhance your Self-Care with CBD

Enhance your Self-Care with CBD

Emma Knox

     When people think “self-care,” they think a myriad of things… But mainly, they think about yoga, meditation, and skincare. That’s the cliche, at least. So that’s what this article is about: the corners of self-care most popular.

     Between 200 and 500 million people practice meditation around the world. That sounds like a big number, right? Wrong: it’s only 2.5 to 6.3 percent of the world population. So it’s more likely than not that you–yes, you–don’t meditate either… And I bet I know why. You either don’t understand the practice or you do, but can’t properly do it. If you fall with the former, stand by; if you’re in the latter, you need CBD, so stand by. Below are a list of benefits- in bold are the benefits given by both meditation and CBD, in italics are ones limited to meditation, and underlined are those limited to CBD–

  1. Can clear your mind, improve focus and clarity
  2. Can relax you, ease anxiety, reduce stress
  3. Can help manage chronic pain and depression
  4. Can increase imagination, creativity, self-awareness

     … Notice that they’re all in bold? Meditation and CBD have the same benefits, merging together beautifully, and CBD can ease you into meditation by calming you and helping start to clear your (likely cluttered) mind. It’s a perfect partnership, and without CBD, you won’t be meditating to your fullest ability… so you won’t receive every benefit it (and CBD) has to offer.

     Much like meditation, yoga is only practiced by 3.8 percent of the world population… even though it’s more than 5,000 years old and has a stupendous list of benefits. So again, like meditation, the reasons why yoga isn’t practiced widely are simple: it’s either misunderstood and seen as “inane” or it’s struggled with and given up. But yoga isn’t the practice it’s promoted to be- it originated in India and remains the most practiced there today; it’s not owned by stick-thin soccer moms and housewives. And even if it was, that doesn’t negate its massive benefits! Yoga:

  1. Can improve flexibility, strength, and balance
  2. Can help back pain, arthritis, and other physical pain
  3. Can relax you, help manage stress and anxiety, improve your sleep
  4. Can improve vitality, mood, and energy

     … And CBD has all the same effects (except those under “1.”)! So with YOGA + CBD, you’re getting BENEFITS TIMES TWO. What more could you want? It’s another beautiful, perfect partnership. Without CBD, you’re missing out on the best yoga of your life.

     Then, there’s skincare, my personal favorite self-care practice. First, to answer the biggest question of both the young and older: yes, CBD can help treat acne and breakouts (since it’s an anti-inflammatory) and yes, CBD can help prevent wrinkles (since it’s both an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant). The magic of CBD, though, is the sheer amount of benefits it has, even in skincare! It can help…

  1. Treat acne and breakouts
  2. Prevent wrinkles
  3. Treat eczema, rosacea, hormonal effects
  4. Treat inflammation, swelling, redness
  5. Reduce dryness (by regulating oil production) and hydrate skin
  6. Neutralize damage
  7. Brighten and soothe skin

     … And I can’t speak for you (although I’m sure you feel the same), but those all sound like very, very appealing benefits to me. After all, our skin is to our body as paint is to a house- it’s drastically important to the overall look and impression. By adding CBD to your skincare routine, you’ll be bettering every aspect of your skin’s health.

     Only 39% of men in the US, and only 32% of women, report consistently practicing self-care, but almost everyone considers it an important aspect of our routine. People aren’t taking care of themselves, though they know they should. It seems too out-of-reach, too difficult or distanced or strange. But with CBD, it doesn’t have to be that way: CBD can reduce your anxiety and stress, relax you, keep you feeling focused and clear and ready to take a minute to care for yourself; and even then, CBD helps improve your self-care. It should be a staple in everyone’s meditation, yoga, and skincare routines. CBD should be a staple in your daily self-care.

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Emma Knox
Emma Knox

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