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CBD’s Plus-One: Immediate Pain Relief

Emma Knox

     You’re surrounded by the blind. And you’re maddened by it. You feel tremendously visible, fatter and taller and more frank than the Elephant man, but somehow, you’re concealed by J.K. Rowling’s cloak, present but unseen. Except it isn’t you who’s unseen- it’s your pain. You are in excruciating pain, but are the only one in on it; to everyone else, you’re no more atypical than they, standing on the same subway with the same soft look of disgust as the rest of the car. Unbeknownst to them, you’re standing in a bubble of pain they cannot begin to fathom… but manage to sustain the same demeanor (a feat of strength). Occasionally, you wish your pain was blue and flashing, so at least the world could understand what you endure; but mostly, you just wish it’d go away altogether, disappear into the non-issue it seems to everyone else. You desperately want (not for the blind to see, but for–) relief from your pain.

     Your ultimate goal is to be free from the pain that plagues you; our ultimate goal is to free you from that pain. What a beautiful team we could make! You want a holistic product, with natural components and limited side effects; we provide you with CBD products that are all-natural, non-psychoactive, and non-addictive (and have few, if any, potential side effects). You want to purchase from inherently good and ethical companies; we and our partners are critically noble, connected with charities and important moral causes around the world. You want a day that isn’t constantly bogged down by debilitating pain; we at NobleCanni can help you get there. Achieve your dream outcome.

     But then come the doubts, the concerns, the should I?s. We can alleviate those worries for you too (as can any search engine) by providing masses of testimonials and quotes raving the magic of CBD. Everyone loves it! Everyone benefits! Personally, I have given CBD to my father, my stepmother, my mother, my grandmother, my aunt, and even tried it myself– and every time, like clockwork, I have been told (in amazement) about its almost-fantastical instant effect. You can find evidence at every turn, people who adore CBD and can’t imagine life without it, so your worries needn’t remain worries at all. Be assured.

     We’ve given you the image of what you could achieve and we’ve assured you of its ability to work, so what’s left? Your hangups. You’re beyond sick of the pain–Hell, you’re fed up–and so, you’re done waiting; your life has been colored by waiting fruitlessly for relief and you’re ready NOW for it to arrive. We can get that relief to you rapid-quick. Admittedly, your product won’t fall on your doorstep instantly–it’ll take a couple days to deliver–but once it does, you can take it immediately and feel your pain dissipate in minutes. What could be quicker? Or maybe you’re hesitant because you’re unsure about the effort and sacrifice you’ll have to give… but the only effort is making the purchase itself and the only sacrifice is the cost of the product, which is worth far beyond its price, so what could be better? Get what you want and get what you need easily, quickly, without problem.

     You’re living in a foul pain-bubble nobody else can see… all you want is to be free of it… and we can provide that to you. Our value (and our partners’ values and their products’ values) is guaranteed. What’s stopping you? Go on noblecanni.com now and pop that bubble.

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