Being in the Arts… without the Cost

Being in the Arts… without the Cost

Emma Knox

     Being in the arts is not for the faint of heart, and it allows slim room for error. You’re criticized, questioned, and doubted by nearly everyone you cross, often by yourself too, and it’s disheartening at times. It can be a lonely path, a scary path, a path lined with dark, crooked trees and ugly, distorted mirrors. But then, you can’t imagine being anything but what you are: an artist, a musician, a performer, a writer, a photographer, a designer, a creator. So despite everything, you plan to fight for your dream, the only life you see for yourself, no matter the cost. But the cost doesn’t have to be so high.

     In this meaning, “cost” isn’t just what you may think- the cost of your art can be depression, anxiety, complete mental turmoil or disruption, substance abuse, lethargy, loneliness, loss of family and friends, physical complications, and everything in between. Look at some of history’s best performers, artists, poets… and you’ll find a fortune of people overtaken by the cost of their art. Don’t let that be you.

     Performance anxiety, for one, isn’t limited to anxiety before an active performance in front of people– it’s an anxiety that rattles people before any performing action, from performing photography to fashion to dance. So it can afflict any and all people in the arts, and it often does… as mentioned above, art is infamous for its pressure. That’s what causes a host of subsequent issues, like substance abuse and depression: the anxiety; the pressure. People try to fight it, or they surrender themselves to it, and they go about it all the wrong way. Along with the obvious (take care of yourself, etc), CBD can relieve that anxiety that’s pinning you down… It’s well-known for its three most prominent possible effects, its anti-anxiety properties being one of them. And it’s non-addictive (no substance abuse here!), non-psychoactive, and all-natural! With CBD, you won’t have to shake like a leaf on stage anymore… and you won’t have to feel any impending terror before writing a story… You can feel free.

    What’s more, depression and loneliness and loss are detrimental effects of being in the art field. They don’t just damage or mame- they kill; they destroy; they extinguish. You don’t want that for your career and your love, let alone for yourself… which is why CBD is the best place to turn. If you ask a doctor or a psychiatrist, they’ll push medications and drugs on you (as is their job)… medications and drugs that can make you feel hazy, lazy, and empty. Your art will suffer and so will you. If you ask the wrong people, they’ll push alcohol and hard drugs (as someone did for them), and you’ll get the same long-term result: suffering. CBD is neither addictive, nor filled with dangerous side-effects- it’s an all-natural, all-safe, all-helpful answer to your unending plea: help. It can reduce your depression, increase your serotonin, and promote emotional and mental balance, all of which you need as not only an artist, but a person.

     Then, there’s pain (a surplus). Artists, musicians, writers, photographers, designers, anybody who spends their days using their hands often and heavily will tell you: it takes a toll. It wears on your joints, makes you more prone to chronic pain and arthritis, and that’s only your hands! The physical pain dancers, actors, and all movement-based performers endure can be far, far worse and potentially life-altering! Pain medications only do so much, and then the back-up is always (yes, back to this) substance abuse. Wear and tear on the body is inevitable, especially in work like the arts, but there’s no reason the pain has to affect your work or your daily life. CBD is known for its ability to relieve pain- it’s an anti-inflammatory, so it reduces your pain and increases your capacity to manage it! It can save you and your art.

     …And there’s sleep (a shortage). Artists and performers own sleep deprivation and insomnia. First, they may be terribly busy with performances and galleries and the works, which limits their time to sleep, affects the quality of their sleep, and greatly disturbs their sleep schedules. Second, they may be workaholics and addicted to their work, reducing their interest in sleeping at all (“why sleep when there are so many better things to do?”). Third, most artists seem to be irremovable from their art… at the worst of times, in bed especially, genius and ideas and concepts sneak into their thoughts and poke and develop and eat away until they’ve come to fruition… which, unsurprisingly, inhibits their ability to sleep. CBD can relieve all of that, not just knock you out and leave you dizzy the next morning (like most sleep aids)- It can relax you, balance your mind and body, calm your thoughts, relieve any anxiety or worry, and make you sleepy. CBD can answer your sleep problems and the roots of them. It’s a double-whammy, two-birds-with-one-stone kind of answer.

     So in essence, if you’re an artist, a performer, any kind of person in the arts, what you really need is CBD. It can help nearly every issue you’re facing and leave you feeling better, more energetic, more inspired, more creative than ever before. NobleCanni will help take you there. Screw the doubters and the “haters.” Choose your art. Choose yourself. Choose CBD.

Emma Knox
Emma Knox

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