Emma Knox

Emma Knox

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The Secret to Alzheimer’s Depression

     People consider childbirth one of the most painful things someone can experience. They’re dead wrong. Childbirth, at the very least, ends. It has a certain duration and then it’s over– and even in the pit of it, you…

Swing AWAY From Alzheimer’s Mood Swings

     Mood swings, whether they’re yours or your loved one’s, leave you perpetually unsettled. You’re on edge at every moment, never truly knowing what’ll greet you in the mirror or at the door. That’s what it’s like for Alzheimer’s…

How to Cook (and Relax!) with CBD

CBD Products

      Picture Thanksgiving. Picture it not only with your mom and grandparents and wife, but with your dad and stepmom too, your step-brothers, your in-laws, your uncles and aunts and cousins, their wives and husbands and kids, and…

Perfect Solution to Gamer Drought

Gaming gear, bobblehead and keyboard with coffee and gummies spread out

     Like plastic surgery in Miss America, CBD is banned at professional gaming competitions because it gives people an unfair leg up. A substantial advantage that could greatly help someone win.      In the world of sports, there…

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